I am a Chartered Accountant and have been in practice on my own account since 1991.  Like all Chartered Accountants I am required to attend training courses and read information relevant to my business in order to keep up my skill base.  I take this very seriously and take great pride in being a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.  The New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants website is

I practice in West Auckland which is where the majority of my clients have their businesses although I have clients all over Auckland.  Most of my clients operate small businesses.

Like many Accountants I have clients using a variety of methods of record-keeping.  This ranges from clients who bring me their cheque butts and bank statements every year to those who have sophisticated computer programs.  I am happy to deal with clients using any method of record-keeping.  However I am most familiar with the MYOB suite of programs.

You can download a demonstration version of any of the MYOB programs from the following site:

Of course accounting is not just about preparing financial statements and tax returns.  I like to think that I am also able to assist clients in the management and development of their businesses.  I do this in a variety of ways but often find that the financial statements are a good place to start.  They can identify areas where expenditure is too high, the financial health of the business and most importantly trends in income generation.  I enjoy working with clients and helping them to better understand their financial statements, the factors which drive their businesses and finding ways to improve their businesses.

I also assist with the meeting of tax department obligations.  Payment of wages including the deduction of PAYE and Withholding Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax, Income Tax, ACC and GST can all be daunting to the new businessperson.  While I am happy to prepare all of those returns I am able to simplify the explanation of your obligations and find that many clients are able to prepare their own PAYE, Fringe Benefit Tax and GST returns.  Of course every year I review these in order to ensure that they are being prepared correctly.  You can obtain information on your income tax obligations at

My contact details are:

Telephone : 09 8264910
Physical Address : First floor, 3061 Great North Road, New Lynn, Auckland
Postal Addresss : P O Box 15155, New Lynn, Auckland 0640
Email Address :